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on one. in with the double, matt holiday around to score and the cardinals with a 1-0 lead. in to the top of the sec we go, jackson in a game again. two on, two outs and jumps on the inside pitch, a three-run blast to left and this capacity crowd quieted jackson dunn after 5, eight hits allowed, four runs. the bottom of the 5th now in a 4-0 hole. an opportunity and basie loaded, two outs and pops up to right and that threat is over. final out here,ity error-0, and they -- 8-0 and they trail the series 2-1 and let's take it to the head coach. >> we had chances today, i think, we put ourselves in good position a couple of times and couldn't get the big hit. once you get the big hit, the flood gates open and hopefully everyone will get them. you talk about a guy that has been in the situation a lot and knows how to make pitches.
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we gave urges a chance and you put them on base. >> and that is not something we planned on and that is what it is. >> and zimmerman there. obviously, you look at the pitch and they allowed 20 runs the last few games. >> yeah. >> and half of those guys, bat ago-- sub200 that is tomorrow. >> if you're grumbling for straussburg, they got shut out. >> yeah. >> and heard that in the crowd. and fans were bolting for the doors and there is some left. this is history and that is throughout the night and at 10 and the nam len. in the meantime, though, and in the fourth inning. >> yes. >> and that is some more fun.
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the president's race and that is -- things are looking up for them. >> and there is not much fun out here, but, my gosh. teddy was a conquering hero and in the center field area. we got to talk to him. in fact, he was deceived by all of the fans who wanted to get their picture taken with them, and i scored a quick interview and this is what we had to say. >> reporter: it's a worldview like no other. everyone loves a winner and winners love winning. look at teddy. can he love it more than this? fox 5 asked for and got permission for an exclusive interview. >> how did you win the other day? oh, my gosh, you were so fast. you had help, teddy. are you going to get help today? yes? are you going to win? you going to win?
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>> yeah, all right! >> reporter: a win that was popular with some and not for others. >> and there arelot of people who didn't like it. >> have to win today. yes. absolutely. >> you think there is a curse if he didn't win? >> i think the last time d.c. had a winning team was when teddy was president. >> are you happy to see him win? >> absolutely. seven years, the guy doesn't win and and then hits a home run. >> and he looked confident. as they say in baseball, he can bring it he brought it. he was standing out there with the other three presidents, they had a huge buildup and then he took off. >> right. >> and crossed the finish line and won.
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and there is no comtition in the race. >> and -- >> right. what are the odds on him tomorrow? >> somehow, i get the feeling he's going to win every time. and -- metro a good day did can be difficult at times and it let out as the rush hour crunch began and taking pictures of metro and from alpdyications, things were smooth and with the crush of fans. overall, riders say things were not too bad and going back to you with a little bit of hope. we heard a lot of people, even from the ones leaving early today and that there is all tomorrow. so, hope springs eternal and we're looking forward to tomorrow's game where the backs are against the wall and that is not over yet. >> and that is just exactly right. there is always tomorrow and
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it's fun to see paul wagner in a ballcap. and did you watch the nats game? how did you show your team's spirit? fox 5 viewers sent us photos from the ball park and if you were at the park, bar, or work, e-mail us and go to and we'll post them. a local university in the middle of the same sex debate. this is after accusations of an employee being fired or put on leave and voicing her opinion. and this gorgeous weather didn't help one bit. >> and i think they would like it cooler, will. and we'll deliver that and a win against the cardinals. sorry, cardinals fans. we'll be bouncing back and have your forecast for the game and a look at the weekend in a couple of minutes. will. >> thank you, sue. and if you have a story
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idea, call the fox 5 tip line. this is the number: 202-895- 3,000 better yet, layiate -- lay it all out in an e mail and we'll check things out. send your tips to [ female announcer ] it's one of the hardest decisions a family can make... realizing a nursing home is the only choice. for many middle class families, medicaid is the only way to afford the care. but as a governor, mitt romney raised nursing home fees eight times.
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and as president, his budget cuts medicaid by one-third and burdens families with the cost of nursing home care. we have a president who won't let that happen. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approved this message.
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. five-story parking garage collapses trapping several workers in the rubble. the garage is under construction at the miami-dade community college campus in florida. eyewitnesses say the worker's cries could be heard from underneath the rubble. at last check this evening, two workers were still trapped. rescue crews are working to remove the debris it get them out quickly. an official ad at gallaudet university is placed on paid leave for signing a political
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petition. in july, the chief diversity officer signed a petition to put a gay marriage referendum on the ballot in maryland. the president t. ellen herowitz issued a statement saying in part it recently came to my attention that dr. mckaskill participated in an initiative some feel is inappropriate for an individual serving as chief diversity officer; however, other individuals feel differently. i will use the extended time while show is on paid administrative leave to determine the appropriate xt steps taking into consideration the duties of thing at the -- of the position at the university. the news edge at 6 on the district and a former campaign aid, a d.c. mayor vincent gray won't serve jail time. today, howard brooks was spared for his role in play paying off suleman brown. >> reporter: brooks was sentenced to two years
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probation and 200 hours of community service. the judge said brooks couldn't participate in a political campaign without permission. this stems from a guilty plea admitting to the fbi. he worked for the gray campaign and admitted he helped pay brown to stay in the race for brown to verbally attack then- mayor fenty. the judge said she considered brock's past and the help he gave to others over the years and took into consideration the help that brookes provided the fbi as it continues to investigate the gray campaign. that is why she did not sentence brocks to time in jail. well, we should point out that mayor gray has said many times in the past that he did not participate in any illegal activity. still tonight, the u.s. attorney continues to look into his campaign. back to you. >> and this story is not over
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yet. matt ackland, thanks for the update. staying in d.c., this is a question. are city officials keeping a close enough eye on all of the revenue being brought in? d.c. council committee is looking into that question today. recently, there is some concerns about how some properties are assessed. how records are kept, and if enough taxes are being collected from property owners. william davilla was called before the council n charge of the tax office's integrity department and abruptly resigned last week. >> generally speaking, i would think the controls have improved. theytill have a long way to go. >> okay. >> a lot of work remains, but the key if is for the managers -- key is for the managers and supervisors to manage, supervise, train the people and do their job. >> he said since being hired in 2010 geek, he was only -- 2010, he was only able to have one meeting with the city cfo who also testified before the council today. much more coming your way
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as the news edge at 6 continues. let's check in with brian at nats work. >> reporter: darkness descended on nationals park. there is a lot to think about for the nats team and nats fans. they lost today and come tomorrow, it's win or go home for the season. back after the break. let me tell you how i will create 12 million jobs
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when president obama couldn't. first, my energy independence policy means more than three million new jobs. many of them in manufacturing. my tax reform plan to lower rates for the middle class and for small business creates seven million more. and expanding trade, cracking down on china, and improving job training takes us to over 12 million new jobs. i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message.
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. we continue on the news edge at 6 with natitude. washington supporting the reds and the nats push ahead on the road in the world series and that is a bummer how things turned out. and there is tomorrow. >> there is tomorrow and could be only tomorrow. they have to win tomorrow and go home for the sea road to the world series ends abruptly. 45,017, the most on hand to
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take to a washington nationals game for good season reason. the first time in 79 years that the play-off baseball is there. the grumblings about the team not winning without steven straussburg and could be overshadowed by more grumblings and that is with an 8-0 and you can't win if you don't score runs. the other headlines, the fans of the nats and sue, as know, i root for the nationals almost as anyone else. >> and wait a minute. >> as an-year-olds -- orioles fan now and they haven't been back to the play-offs since 1987 and it could be a decade or more before the nationals team gets back to the play-offs and disheartening, i think, from people who were not here at the stadium. i see it on twitter and online to see fans heading to the exit and with some two innings left
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in the game and i think that everyone will get it back together for tomorrow and that is do or die. >> i agree with you it a heart breaking to see people off and i'm going tomorrow's game at 4:00 and i won't leave early, but i will be back for the 10:00 news tomorrow night. >> and sure. >> i'm excited. no matter what happens, this team is fantastic and have done well so far. >> absolutely. >> hope springs eternal. i'm an optimist, you know that, and i hope the os do well and we're looking at live conditions. it's beautiful day and we hit about 70 degrees for the high and official climatology hasn't come in yet and it was perfect. a nice sunny day and a cold front ask is coming through and it will pick up the breeze and
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it will drop the temperatures. hey to see -- hate to see that healing, too and at 4:00 tomorrow. as brian said, we have to get things going tomorrow and this is what we're thinking the forecast is going to look like. a lot of sunshine and take your sunglasses. and it will be getting dark before the game's over and that first pec is around 60 and we're going lose the sun around 6:30 or so and take your -- layers. the temperature, 66; 68 in the district and some other pressesbo -- other places into the 60s and looking to cumberland. the temperature is 55 degrees and that is where that front is. columbus, 52; detroit, 46 and that is going to be cooler tomorrow. as expected, it's through dry
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with an increase in cloud cover the next few hours and frontal system showers to pennsylvania and some snow picked in in michigan, the peninsula and it's that time of the year when the great lakes will see snow mixing in. we will have the clouds out of here, though, by tomorrow. and i wanted you to see the future cast. bright sunshine at 7 in the morning and it looks like a dry, crisp morning and a refreshing day. looks like we're crowding up on friday and that is going to come on through and this is coming through probably dry as well and maybe's couple of showers in the higher elevations where the leaves are spectacular and this is a great weekend to see the leaves peaking out at skyline drive. and into the weekend, things are looking terrific. overnight, because we have the front that is coming on through, we're going to drop to
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47 degrees with a breeze. tomorrow, a sunny day and cool day and that is cooler -- cooler. by noon, 58 and by 5:00, the temperatures 60s and a descent day. sunny skies for us, the high in gaithersburg might be about 56 and some suburbs staying closer to the upper 50s and near 60 and to saturday, 64 degrees and looking nice. sunday will be warmer and this is your fox five accuweather seven-day forecast and we don't have much in the way of rain showers and there could be some spo spotty showers on monday. not bad. we're going have at least half of the days at or above 70 after we get to a couple of cool days here in the near future. everyone's going to be happy to see the weekend looking good. >> are you going to wear the
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knee-high boots in. >> i think i'm going to wear something i can walk fast in. >> there you go. >> elbow a few people off of the metro. >> you're not leaving early? >> i'm not leaving early. i will be back for the 10:00 news. if we go into extrap enings, i'll dot weather out. there. check it out. it's 50 years after the cub on -- cuban miss it crisis. they show how president john f. kennedy deliberated to a void nuclear war. the exhibit called to the brink jfk and the cuban missile crisis opens friday. the space-x dragon rocket is making history. it successfully delivered more than 1,000 pounds of food and supplies to the international space station. this makes space-x the first private company to complete the task. coming up, we're going to focus on the nats and how the game played out today. lindsay murphy has that.
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>> reporter: and they outscored 20-4 and we'll go inside the nats clubhouse and talk about some more reaction and the must- win situation tomorrow. on tomo [ female announcer ] it's one of the hardest decisions
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a family can make... realizing a nursing home is the only choice. for many middle class families, medicaid is the only way to afford the care. but as a governor, mitt romney raised nursing home fees eight times. and as president, his budget cuts medicaid by one-third
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and burdens families with the cost of nursing home care. we have a president who won't let that happen. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approved this message. . back here live at nationals park. it's do or die for your washington nationals down 2-1 to the saint louis cardinals. if they don't win tomorrow, they go home and sports director is to the scot smith is joining us now and this is a young team, they resilient and perhaps this is an urgenty and not panic. >> they did something to win 98 games and what they did to earn it shifted. all of the that is swung in favor of the cardinals, the first play-off game here since 1933, and the performance didn't live up to the moment and take to you the highlights. davie johnson and company,
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taking on the cardinals. in game three. and top of the second, down 1 life 0, already. -- 1-0 already. the 3-run blast to left and redbirds with a 4-0 lead. eight hits allowed, four runs into the bottom of the second. runner on for danny espinosa and lays down the bunt. espinosa called out at first base and he doesn't like it and to that dugout. and he beat the flow error error and that is to the bottom of the 5th now, bases loaded, two outs. can he make it a game? and pops out. do or die tomorrow, and back to you on the field and you came out of the clubhouse. how are they dealing with this? >> reporter: they cool, calm,
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and collective, which is surprising. i think fans are starting to panic. nobody in this organization is ready to push the panic button just yet. michael rizzo was quoted as saying don't jump off of the bridge. that is the key tomorrow. they're still alive tomorrow and friday and on to the national league championship series. this is a team that has been the best in baseball for most of the season and they need to get back to that and they're not out of it yet. >> and a win-win game. if we, you know, win that game tomorrow, then again the next day with our guy on the mound and come out tomorrow and hopefully put a couple of early runs and put our picture -- give our pitchers loweway. >> we're not getting hits -- leeway. >> we're not getting hits. not a right time. the five games for a reason. >> and, you know, i take that for granted, you know, we're not out of this by a longshot. and that is in the ball game tomorrow and a few key hits.
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right back in it. she is back to -- worse than this. i like my ball club and they come out and play a good game tomorrow. >> and the two main issues, timely pitching and hitting, giving up 11 total runs in the three-game series and today, 11 men stranded on base. and gets the start tomorrow for the nats. he needs to be good and the offense is better. >> certainly, thank you very much, murph. one of the teams in the national league this year and some good news at redskins park and rg3 returns. he had a concussion in sunday's game against the falcons and no lingering -- lingering symptoms and griffin said the injury taught him an important lesson. >> the one think this i learned is i can't do that to my team,
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the fans or my family and because life is more important than the game of football. these things happening to us that affects us down the road and i have to make sure we are still safe and so that my family and the fans and teammates are not let down. >> and his only symptom was irritability with all of the questions he was getting. >> and that is -- . >> thank you for that. history is made in washington, d.c., play-off baseball back after 79 years. the nats. when i was younger and... financially stable. we were poor. the mgm casino in michigan. and it changed her life. clerk. way up. insurance... and i make great money. seven will create... twelve thousand jobs. to accountants... and construction workers. place to work with good pay... question seven.
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let me tell you how i will create 12 million jobs when president obama couldn't. first, my energy independence policy means more than three million new jobs. many of them in manufacturing. my tax reform plan to lower rates for the middle class and for small business

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